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Planning a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party?  Have it at Half Baked Pottery! Bring in wine and your favorite hors d’œuvres and have a great time together.

Looking for a theme for everyone to work on? We have lots of great ideas of fun gifts for the bride-to-be.

  • Set of plates or cups – Paint the bride-to-be her own unique set of dishes! Choose 8 plates or cups and have everyone in the party paint one.
  • Theme dishes – Pick a theme that is relevant to the bride. Does she love a certain country? Does she collect sea side decorations? Use those ideas as a theme for the bride’s gifts. Simply tell everyone in the party what the bride is interested in and they will paint items with that in mind.
  • Color matching – Have the bride pick out her favorite 4-5 colors. Everyone at the party will be restricted to using these colors on their piece. At the end, the bride will have a set of matching, but unique dishes for her home! Another variation on this theme is to use the existing colors in the bride’s kitchen or home.
  • Get her what she wants – Have the bride pick out her favorite things in the studio. Ask guests to choose from them to ensure the bride is getting pieces she needs and wants. We recommend that the bride choose 3-4 more pieces than the number of guests to ensure everyone has a choice.