How Does It Work?

~Step 1: Pick Your Piece of Pottery~ Come in anytime, browse our shelves, and pick out the piece you'd like to paint. Choose a mug, a vase, a cookie jar, a flowerpot, a pet dish, a plate, a ring holder, a piggy bank -- we have over 200 items for you to choose from.

~Step 2: Define your design and select your colors~ Plan out your masterpiece with a #2 pencil (it burns off in the kiln!). Choose paints for your palette, and go! Our friendly staff artists are happy to assist you!

~Step 3: Leave it with us!~ When you're finished, leave it with us. We'll apply a clear overglaze, and fire it in our kiln.

~Step 4: Come and get it!~ Your piece will be ready 1 week from the day you finish painting. Please pick up your pieces in a timely fashion! 

If you do not finish your piece in one sitting we will gladly store your piece in our work-in-progress area for 30 days. You will be charged a $5 return studio fee per piece each time you work on it. Pieces will be ready to pick up 1 week after they are finished.

Prices Many of our most popular items fall into the price range of $17-$35. The price of your piece includes everything you will need to create your piece of art; glazes, tools, overglazing, firing, etc.

All materials used in our shop are non-toxic and safe for young children. Our manufacturers have indicated that the pottery can be put in the dishwasher, but we ask that you be a little more careful with your piece than something that is mass manufactured (after all, your piece is an irreplaceable work of art!)

Pottery To Go! Don't have time to come in and paint? Our Pottery To Go kits are perfect for busy lives!

Each kit comes with brushes and 10 1oz bottles of paint which includes our most popular shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black. You get to choose the last 2 colors for your kit.

Once you've finished with your piece, simply drop it off at the store to be fired. Pieces will be ready for pickup 1 week after drop off.


Mugs start at $17.76

Plates start at $17.76

Bowls start at $20.56

Platters start at $25.53

Kid Figurines start at $17.76

Banks start at $18.69

Boxes start at $18.69

Vases start at $18.69

Picture Frames start at $22.43