Good News! No More Studio Fees!

Most paint your own pottery stores work like this: You come in, you have to figure out: How do they charge? Is the studio fee based on the number of pieces? The amount of time I spend here? A percentage of the price of the piece? What does the studio consider a “child”? Does the parent get changed for sitting with their child? For helping with mistakes? What is too much help? Do I have enough money to cover tax? It’s so stressful! You shouldn’t have to be a math major to create a work of art! That’s why we’d like to announce our Frustration-Free Pricing at Half Baked Pottery & Gifts! We’ve eliminated the stress so you can come in, relax, and create! All of the prices at Half Baked Pottery include all the basic items you’ll need to create your piece  (glazes, use of hundreds of tools, firing, and sales tax). So come in and RELAX and make your masterpiece. Just one more reason Half Baked Pottery is the BEST studio around!