Make your own fine silver jewelry from metal clay at Half Baked Pottery & Gifts!

How it works

~Step 1: Sign up for a class~ Register for a class online or call the studio to sign up.

~Step 2: Pick your top and bottom stamps~ When you arrive at the class, you'll be able to pick from 100's of combinations of top and bottom stamps to use to create your piece. You will be able to put texture on both sides of your piece.

~Step 3: Create your piece with assistance from our instructor~ Once the class has picked out their stamps. Your instructor will guide you through the process of creating your jewelry from metal clay. This process includes rolling our your clay, pressing texture into it, drying the piece and the setting it aside to be fired.

~Step 4: Pick out accessories~ Unlike pottery, your jewelry piece can be fired in 20-30 minutes. While you wait, browse through our selection of necklaces, chains, bookmarks, and other accessories to determine the perfect finish for your piece.

~Step 5: Put finishing touches on your piece~ You may choose from several finishing techniques to give your piece the look you prefer. Put your piece in our tumbler to give it a high shine, or darken part of the texture to help it stand out more. Finish your piece by adding an jump ring and you a ready to wear it with pride!