What is Glass Fusing? Glass fusing involves arranging and layering glass pieces in order to create a piece to be fired in our kiln. Fused glass is beautiful to behold. It's also surprisingly easy! If you're worried that you're "not an artist" then this is for you!

How Does It Work?

~Step 1: Select Glass~ Select a pre-cut glass from our selection of glass items and shapes. Projects include jewelry, magnets, keychains, plates, and bowls.

~Step 2: Create your design~ Create a unique design with your glass pieces. Layer up to 3 layers of colored or clear glass to create interesting shapes or patterns.

~Step 3: Glue~ Glue your design down so it doesn't shift on the way to the kiln.

~Step 4: Leave it to us!~ We fuse your pieces together. You can create a piece that is flat and can be used as a decorative piece of art, or you can have your piece fired a second time to take on the shape of one of our molds and create a functional piece of art.

Glass Fusing usually takes 2-3 weeks to be ready for pick up. We will call you when your piece is ready.

There is no age requirement for Glass Fusing; however, we ask that children have active, dedicated, parental involvement.


Projects start at $19.63 and increase varying on size.

Pendants start at $14.02