Make your own Pendant


Learn the basics of glass fusing while making 3 beautiful pendants!

Choose from a white, clear, or black background. We will teach you a basic glass cutting technique or use the pre-cut pieces we provide to make your design. Pendants will be fired off site in our kiln. You can pick them up on Saturday or arrange to have them mailed to your address.

Paint Your Own Game of Thrones Mug

Paint a Game of Thrones inspired mug. We will have decals you can use to create the house signs. Mugs must be fired to be food safe so finished pieces will be ready for pick up on Saturday.


Paint your own Ceramic Dragon Egg

Paint your own ceramic Dragon Egg. We will be using Acrylic paints so you will be able to take your piece with you immediately. We will have a variety of paints on hand to make your perfect piece.

Paint your own Death Star or Pokeball box

Paint a cute Bulbasaur planter to take home. We will have a variety of colors on hand so you can make yours truly uniquely you! Pieces will be fired in a kiln and available for pick up at the convention center on Saturday or other arrangements can be made. Planters are approximately 3x5x3"

Paint your own Hand of the King

Paint your own ceramic Hand of the King. We will be using acrylic paints so you will be able to take your piece with you immediately. Once your piece is finished, we can attach a pin so you can wear it.